WPA offers quantifiable insights into measures they can take to improve the alignment of workers with their work environments.  Building on workers' own assessments of their workplace needs, WPA provides visually rich analysis that enables leaders to design physical, organizational and cultural improvements to increase engagement and improve performance. 


LEESMAN INDEX provides employee workplace satisfaction benchmark data and indicators.  The Leesman Office tool has been collecting data on the performance of office spaces since late 2010 and their benchmarks are generated from the largest independent database of workplace satisfaction surveys available.  


e-work is an industry-leading training provider, delivering highly interactive, e-learning courses with global best practices for new ways of working in the ever evolving workplace. e-Work.com Inc. was named, by Gartner, as one of the “Top Cool Vendors” in their 2012 Enterprise Mobility Report and has an average satisfaction score of over 94%.  


GLOBAL WORKPLACE ANALYTICS  helps organizations and communities understand and communicate the business case for emerging workplace strategies such as telecommuting, hoteling, desk sharing, agile work, open office, flexible work, and wellness programs.  The firm’s flagship products, its Workplace Savings Calculator ™ and Telework Savings Calculator ™, have been used by hundreds US, UK, and Canadian company and community leaders to quantify the economic, environmental, and societal potential of telecommuting and other flexible work options.


FM BENCHMARKING lets organizations measure their facility and workplace performance against their peers and competitors, showing them how they stack up on issues like space utilization, maintenance costs, security or sustainability. Their data enables clients to better identify problem areas and plan improvements.