Training & Communications


We offer virtual and in-person training that covers the strategic and tactical aspects of your Business Resiliency and Workplace programs.  Workshops are targeted for your specific audiences.  


We help you create a culture of awareness through change management and regular communications crafted on topics tailored to your company's needs and timing.   

Training Program Example Topics

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Business Resilience

  • Making Business Resilience a Way of life at your company
  • Strategic Business Resilience
  • Conducting a Mock Exercise
  • Crafting Alliance for a successful business resiliency program
  • Remote Working and Business Resilience: A How-to Guide
  • Workplace Violence: Finding and Fixing the Gaps in Your Program
  • Conducting a Workplace Violence Threat Assessment
  • Workplace Violence Threat Assessment Team: A How-to Guide
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Security Awareness: Physical, Cyber and Information
  • Conducting a Physical Security Assessment
  • Selecting and Managing a Security Team
  • Security Guard Training
  • Emergency Planning and Evacuation
  • Cyber Security 101
  • Cyber Security: Managing Risks in the Information Age
  • Computer Security Self-Test: Questions and Scenarios














Workplace Strategy & Real Estate

  • Workplace Strategy Executive Jump-Start Workshop
  • Workplace Strategy 101
  • Real Estate Site Selection and Location Strategy
  • Common Executive Missteps in Real Estate and Workplace Strategy
  • Crafting Alliances: Enabling Better CEO Decisions in Real Estate and Workplace
  • Workplace Mobility: How to Launch a Successful Program at Your Company
  • Telecommuting and Remote Working: Everything You Need to Know
  • Managing Remote Workers
  • Top Five Missteps in a Workplace Transformation
  • Making Informed Real Estate Location Decisions Using Data
  • Employee Control in the Workplace: The Power of Choice
  • The Power of Leverage in Real Estate and Workplace
  • Workplace Change Management: An Overview
  • Workplace Change Communications: Managing Rumors and Resistance to Change
  • Enhancing Employee Productivity in the Workplace
  • Enabling Competitive Advantage Through Workplace Design
  • Futureproofing Your Workplace
  • Futures Thinking, Design Thinking and Workplace
  • Creating a Remote Worker Program
  • Move Management 
  • Selecting and Hiring a Real Estate Broker, Architect and Project Manager